Why LEDON Lamp

A new generation of light sources
revolutionizes the lamp market

„LED lamps from LEDON are among the only light sources that, with their warm white light, are able to really replace the traditional incandescent lamp. The high power lamps offer the very best lighting quality thanks to premium technology from Austria.“

Detlef Mikulsky, Managing Director LEDON Lamp GmbH

Light is not just light. There are significant differences with respect to both quality and quantity, even when light in both cases is created by LED sources. LEDON LED lamps differ
from other products in the following factors:

  • Lighting quality
  • Energy efficiency
  • Length of service life
  • Versatility
  • Reliability

Lighting quality

LEDON sets new quality standards

LED lamps from LEDON create warm white light. This is perceived by people as being particularly pleasant and friendly. As with natural daylight, forms and colours can be easily recognised. The reason for this is the high illuminance level and excellent colour rendering of LEDON lamps.

Many other qualities become obvious in direct comparison with CFL energy-saving lamps:LEDON Lamp

  • LEDON LED lamps make 100 percent of luminous flux available immediately after being switched on.
  • Frequent switching on and off is not at the expense of service life.
  • LED lamps do not create harmful UV radiation.
  • LED lamps do not contain toxic mercury.


Energy efficiency

Savings of 80 percent and more

LEDON products convince with highly efficient LED technology. They have a strong impact with little effort. Expressed in figures: with a luminous efficiency of 60 lumens per watt, LEDON LED lamps surpass all incandescent and halogen lamps by far. You can therefore select lower wattages and still achieve the same lighting result.

  • The LEDON LED candle with 5 watts has approximately the same light output as a classic
    incandescent candles with 25 watts. This corresponds to an 80 percent reduction of connection power.
  • The performance of a LEDON 7 W MR16 GU10 LED spot is comparable to that of a 50 W halogen reflector lamp. This provides approximately 85 percent energy savings.
  • The LEDON LED lamp 10 W replaces classic incandescent lamps with 60 W. This corresponds to an 83 percent reduction of connection power.

Length of service life

LEDON lamps last 25 times longer than incandescent lamps

With an average use of three hours daily, the service life of a LEDON LED lamp is 25 years, whereas with a conventional incandescent lamp, end of life is after approximately one year.

Your benefits:

  • With each LEDON lamp you do something good for your household budget,
    even when the purchase price is above that of a conventional incandescent lamp.
  • When compared to other LED lamps, LEDON lamps are unbeatable in terms of price.


Light for any application

LED lamps from LEDON are available in various forms and wattages, making them perfect for countless applications.

And why?

  • The warm white light of LEDON lamps radiates a homely atmosphere.
  • LEDON lamps fit in the same lampholder sockets as conventional incandescent or energy-saving lamps.
  • They are the efficient alternative to incandescent lamps.
  • They are the convenient alternative to CFL energy-saving lamps.
  • LEDON lamps are both high quality and affordable.


A reliable partner in the age of the lighting revolution

The EuP framework directive issued in July 2005 sets guidelines for the handling of 'energy using products', and as well as many other conditions prohibits in steps the use of conventional incandescent lamps. Suitable replacements or alternatives are currently offered mainly by halogen or CFL energy-saving lamps. The second type in particular regularly disappoint in terms of lighting quality and environmental aspects. The consumer reacts accordingly, as shown by frantic stockpiling of incandescent lamps.

LEDON lamps make the changeover simpler:

  • The LEDON quality of light corresponds to that of a classic incandescent lamp.
  • Important: LEDON customers are able to enjoy the use of high quality and
    affordable products in a very short period of time.
  • Light emitting diodes are becoming ever more efficient and therefore less expensive.
  • Experts are unanimous that the market for LED lamps will develop dynamically in just a few years.
  • The still young LED technology is expected to revolutionize lighting and illumination behaviour.
  • With LEDON Lamp, you have a strong partner at your side for the lighting revolution era.
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